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Russian state registration: РОСС RU. 0001.040008, 1994

Quality Certification System QCS. Ecological certificate and eco-labeling

The system for rating the quality of products according to the criteria that determine the quality and ecological purity

Advantage QCS is quantitative rating of quality and ecological purity of products relatively normative documents for separating the best products from the average.

Why QCS? The rating label allows the producer to pick out its quality product among a variety of other who are less useful and environmentally friendly, due to differentiation of products according to the indicators of ecological purity and quality, indicating this on the package in the form of marking.

Do you sell high-quality and environmentally friendly products? Show this to all consumers:

According to the results of eco-marketing research, 58% of consumers are interested in eco-labeling on product labels, 12% regularly buy such products. Consumers are willing to pay extra for green products from 15 to 35 %% depending on its category.

In practice, an experiment was conducted in Baltimore with the store completely switched over to the sale of goods with eco-labeling. Sales growth for 3 years was 28%, which is 22% more than a similar store without the use of markings.

Features of certificates

The ecological certificate indicates the level of ecological purity, that is, how many times the certified products are more valuable than with the normatively permissible pollution.

For the quality certificate, the specialists of the QCS Certification Center together with the Customer analyze the main product indicators (including ecological purity), generalize and, after evaluation for utility, fix in the form of a single value - the Quality Level.

Minimum list of documents for QCS certification:

  1. Documents about the safety of products
  2. Test reports to these documents

Typical eco-labeling QCS for products in Russia

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тел.: +7-495-475-96-28

тел.: +420-777-067-244

e-mail: info@cck-fcc.com

State registration РОСС RU. 0001.040008 1994, QCS. More than 3,000 certificates : were issued on the QCS system: from food and service quality to the thin oil filters. Similar certification systems in Russia are not registered. The QCS system also received high marks from international working groups on product certification.

Certification increases the informative value and validity of product advertising, significantly improves the Company's image in the eyes of the consumer, increases the attraction of products (services) for customers, allows objectively to argue price increases, gives cause for appropriate marking of the product (eco-labeling and quality labeling), improves the employees' respect for their Company.

The main certification organization is FEDERAL CERTIFICATION CENTER. Over 50 accreditations of certification organizations in cities of Russia and Ukraine.